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A potter for over 40 years, I sell and exhibit my work through gallery shows, craft fairs and retail shops. I have been a member of Handwork an Artisan Cooperative in Ithaca for over 20 years. I have taught many classes in pottery and clay sculpture and also give ceramic workshops. I was an instructor at TC3 and taught at Cornell University for 16 years.

My method of production involves combining thrown pottery forms with hand built forms. When the forms are hard, they are cut and designed to make one piece. I make cups, bowls, teapots, vases and covered jars. The glazing process involves applying underglaze color with a spray gun along with some brush work. After the work is fired in a kiln, I cover the piece with glaze and fire again to give a glassy finish. The final step is the application of china glaze for some of the small details.


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